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Bringing a violent title like Devil’s Third to the kid-friendly Wii U seems like a strange decision for Tomonubu Itagaki but he says he isn’t worried about the game finding an audience on Nintendo’s platform.

At E3 I sat down with Itagaki and did an interview, facilitated by a translator (which was a new experience for me), and discussed his upcoming game


Nicole of the Cake Haute Couture bakery in Bunbury, Western Australia made this beautifully geeky classic arcade game cake at the request of Dimity, a bride-to-be whose fiance, Stephen, loves old school games.

Each side of the three-tiered square cake features a different game - Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris and Frogger. The very top is decorated with a Pong screen with the score depicting Stephen’s age. The board on which the cake sits features an edible joystick, buttons, and coin slot.

Nicole has been making custom wedding cakes since 2007. Visit the Cake Haute Couture website to check out more of her wonderful creations.

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This cake is far too awesome. 

When you’re a gamer, the summer sucks - there just aren’t many titles coming out at this time of year. 

This week for my Press Start column I compiled a list of the best games that have come out over the last few months that might have flown under many people’s radars

Games Journalism or Let The Enthusiast Press Die


So this is going to be short and sweet but in “games criticism” twittersphere that I interact with on a regular basis there has been an interesting and frustrating conversation. It begins nebulously with disconnected observations about how jobs in games journalism are divvied up to a cadre of mostly white men. I’ve seen more than once new positions open up at places such as Polygon, (owned by Vox Media with a warchest of capital behind them) go to industry insiders, rather than established and respected, but not salaried freelancers and bloggers. As a result there is ridiculously legitimate anger and frustration. 

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If you’ve been hoping Ubisoft Montreal’s timely open world epic, Watch_Dogs, would define “next-gen” gaming, then you’ll be very disappointed with the game.

If you’re looking for a title that puts an interesting, near-future technologically-infused and reality-based spin on the concept of an open world game, with a decent plot and excellent shooting mechanics, then you’ll enjoy your time in Watch_Dogs’ virtual Chicago.


why are yall trying to die so young 

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