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Review: Titanfall breathes new life into the boring FPS genre

I’m surprised how much I actually like Titanfall, especially considering I felt like I “grew out” of the FPS genre over the last few years.

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, this really is a game you need to play. Check out my review of the Xbox One’s first big game

Review: South Park: The Stick Of Truth is the first ‘totally sweet’ South Park game

The Stick of Truth was well worth the lengthy wait and it offers a significantly better and more authentic South Park experience than South Park 64′s urine-soaked snowballs and never ending onslaught of angry turkeys. Check out my review of the game

Review: Left Behind: The Last of Us has issues but retains the series’ compelling narrative

While Left Behind tells a compelling story just like the Last of Us’ core game, it has a number of issues that threaten to ruin its experience.

I was kind of disappointed with Left Behind, especially considering it costs $14. Still, it’s not a bad DLC package and manages to retain the game’s charm and emphasis on story. 

Check out my review

Titanfall makes the FPS exciting again, and just might surpass Microsoft’s titanic expectations

I recently went down to LA to check out Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s first game and arguably the first Xbox One game worth caring about.

I went in with relatively low expectations and walked away impressed with what I experienced. It’s the first game in awhile that has me excited about the first-person shooter genre again.  

Here are my impressions of the game up on the Financial Post’s Post Arcade


My Titanfall feature up on the Financial Post’s Post Arcade. 


Titanfall makes the FPS exciting again, and just might surpass Microsoft’s titanic expectations

By Patrick O’Rourke 

(Our first hands-on impressions of EA’s latest blockbuster, Titanfall)

To say Microsoft Corp. has a lot riding on Titanfall would be something of an understatement.

Of all the exclusive titles that have so far been announced for Microsoft’s new Xbox One console, none are more anticipated than Titanfall, the first game from Respawn Entertainment.

Not only did Titanfall take home a slew of awards at E3 last year, but Microsoft used the coveted final spot in its splashy press conference to promote it.

Indeed, it’s not only one of the first big budget games to be developed from the ground up for the Xbox One, but with sales of the Xbox One lagging  rival Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 — Microsoft has sold 3.4 Xbox Ones to date, compared to the PS4′s 4.9 millionTitanfall is the first game for the Xbox One to have true system-selling potential, the way Halo helped move Xbox consoles once upon a time…

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